Private Strategy Advice & Coaching

to accelerate your membership success

Creating or growing your membership site and want hands on support and strategic advice?

One of the main things we get asked in the Member Site Academy is how members can work with us privately. Until now that hasn't been an option.

​But to meet the needs of those who want more support, we're offering the opportunity for a limited number of people to take part in a dedicated, intimate coaching experience: The Membership Accelerator.

Combining personalised strategic advice, goal setting and accountability this program is designed to accelerate your membership success with our support and guidance.

Each month you’ll get the following:

Private Strategy Call

Each month you'll have a 45 min call with just Mike & Callie to deep dive into your strategy

Weekly Q&A Call

We'll be holding weekly office hours sessions where you can get any questions answered

Accountability Forum

A private section of the forum for goal setting, direct support and accountability

"Mike and Callie don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk..."

"I've learned more from them on the subject of running and building a successful membership site in the last 12 months than I have anywhere else. Ever. Period! Not only are they clearly leading the way, but they're doing it with professionalism and class. I can't sing their praises enough."

- Chris Ducker (Founder,

Is the Membership Accelerator Right For You?

The Accelerator IS for you if...

  • You need help deciding on the right membership strategy for you
  • You'd like to improve the results of your existing membership site
  • You're tired of trying to figure out everything yourself
  • You want additional support with goal setting and accountability

The Accelerator is NOT for you if...

  • You're not fully committed to running your membership site
  • You're not prepared to take action and make changes 
  • You're looking for someone to do it all for you or help actually building your site
  • You're looking for a magic potion to make your membership instantly successful

We're asking all Accelerator members to make an initial 3 month commitment.  After that you're free to carry on or cancel anytime.

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Suitable For Every Stage Of Your Membership:

Launching your membership? 

We can support you in creating your launch plan and achieving your launch goals

Looking to grow your membership? 

We can help you put a plan in place to improve your member acquisition and retention

Want to improve your retention? 

We can help you to establish why you're losing members and what you can do about it

Not sure about your overall strategy? 

We can help you to decide and implement the right strategy for your membership

No matter where you're starting from, we can help you move forward and achieve your membership goals

Summary of What You’ll Receive...

  • Monthly 45min private call
  • Additional support via forum
  • Weekly office hours call

Accelerator Core

This is the main Accelerator program offering monthly private coaching via Zoom, the option to join group office hours every week for any additional questions, and a private forum section for added accountability, feedback, coaching and support

  • Private coaching via forum only
  • Weekly office hours call

Accelerator Lite

A private forum section that you can use as much as you need to for coaching, feedback, accountability and support. You can also join the weekly group coaching calls too.

  • Weekly 45min private call
  • Additional support via forum
  • Weekly office hours call

Accelerator Plus

For those really looking to power through their goals and get indepth coaching and support. Weekly private calls via Zoom, additional support, accountability and feedback via a private forum section and the option to join weekly group office hours calls too.


Have a question? We've got answers:

Why a 3 month commitment?

Will I receive exclusive content?

Do I have to be a member of the Member Site Academy?

What if I can't make the office hour calls?

Will you build my site for me or help with my tech issues?

How often will you be running the Accelerator?

Question not answered? Send us an email.

Ready to Join the Membership Accelerator?

Oops, the Membership Accelerator is currently full!
Enter your details below to be notified when we re-open.